A Dive Into The Joy Proctor x Bella Rosa Collection

The making of the Original Hat Box and working alongside top designer Joy Proctor.

The Original Hat Box the first product in The Joy Proctor x Bella Rosa Collection — was specially made for women on the go, sounding all too familiar to Bella Rosa Founder, Maria Caruso-Martin. The Joy Proctor x Bella Rosa Collection was not complete without a 14 hour travel day, a missed flight due to extreme weather, a 3 hour phone call with the airline staff, and many, many more long days of hard work. It’s expected, though — this is just the reality of creating something handcrafted in Italy.



Named a top designer by Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Paris, Martha Steward, and BRIDES Magazine, Joy Proctor is a world renowned Creative Director, Wedding Designer, Editorial Stylist, Product Designer, and most importantly, a kind soul and dear friend. Prior to launching Joy Proctor Design, Joy had a booming hatbox business, Trousseau & Company. 

It had since been her dream to revisit the idea again – this time working alongside another female entrepreneur wanting to cater toward the modern woman. “As two champions of female advocacy, it has been a great journey to collaborate with Maria, Founder of the Bella Rosa Collection, to create something for women, by women,” Joy shared. 


Maria Caruso Martin and Joy Proctor pose for photo together.


As the two worked side-by-side offering their hands-on experience, The Original Hat Box was born. Crafted with white genuine leather with an embossed tag, the hatbox features silk detailing and metal hardware and is made in small batches by the finest Italian artisans, as part of Bella Rosa’s commitment to slowing the fashion cycle through purposeful, sustainable manufacturing. Each purchase will give back to VOW for Girls and boMake Rural Projects, two charities close to the hearts of the designers.


Sketches and drawings of the Joy Proctor x The Bella Rosa Collection Hatbox


This handbag was designed for individuals  with a deep appreciation for travel, whether by plane, train or car. Wherever your jet-setting takes you, usher in new adventures with this sophisticated, modern Hat Box - the first product in The Joy Proctor x Bella Rosa Collection. Available for pre-order on the Bella Rosa Collection and on Over the Moon.


Joy Proctor x The Bella Rosa Collection Original Hatbox in white leather.

Photography by Laura Gordon

Joy Proctor

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