Hardshell Clutches

Bella Clutch

A Bella Clutch True Love Pearl Petite, perfect as a wedding accessory, on a white background from The Bella Rosa Collection.


Old Hollywood glamour octagonal Como Clutch x MICAELA - Black Satin from The Bella Rosa Collection with a rhinestone trim.

Venezia x MICAELA

Bridal accessory: Venezia Bridal Pearl with Crystals Clutch x MICAELA from The Bella Rosa Collection, perfect as a bridal accessory.


Ivory-colored Milan Clutch x MICAELA -Silver Metallic purse from The Bella Rosa Collection on a white background, embodying Italian craftsmanship.
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Discover the Luxury & Sophistication of Hardshell Designer Clutches & Handbags

Welcome to the Bella Rosa Collection — where timeless elegance meets contemporary style. Designed for discerning fashionistas seeking to make a luxurious statement, our assortment of hardshell designer clutches and handbags are the mark of sophistication and refined taste.

Exquisite Hardshell Clutches & Handbags for Bridal and Evening Events

The Bella Rosa Collection is a specially curated selection of premium hardshell clutches and handbags designed to adorn your presence during the most memorable events in your life. Combining elegance and functionality, all items in this collection are crafted so you can carry your essentials in style.

Passionately Crafted

Each item in the Bella Rosa Collection is passionately crafted from the highest quality materials. Our skilled designers meticulously arrange every stitch, ensuring each piece reflects not just impeccable artistry, but the heart of the Bella Rosa legacy.

Durable & Fashionable

The unique hardshell designs infuse durability and style synonymously. Exuding elegance with every detail, from subtle classically-inspired motifs to sleek contemporary patterns, our hardshell clutches and handbags not only promise to guard your essentials, but they also guarantee that you mark a stylish presence.

Customization Options

Every woman is unique, and so is her choice of fashion. We offer customization options, allowing you to couple the clutch or handbag of your choice with your favorite hardware—select from polished silver or gleaming gold.

The Perfect Companion for Bridal & Evening Events

Radiate sophistication at your bridal or evening events, with the delicate charm of our hardshell designer clutches and handbags. Impressively stylish and convenient, they add a touch of luxury to your ensemble, making every occasion unforgettable.

The Bella Rosa Collection—Your Passport to Elegance

Explore the fusion of traditional and modern trends with the Bella Rosa Collection of hardshell designer clutches and handbags. Revel in the luxury and style that set you apart. With our exquisite collection, you don't just arrive at an event—you make a memorable entrance.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive deep into a world of opulence and glamour. Trust Bella Rosa to deliver elegance and luxury unmatched, all while ensuring your essentials are never too far from your reach.