Anne Barge Dresses with Bella Rosa Bridal Clutch Purses.

Styling Your Anne Barge Wedding Dress with the Perfect Bella Rosa Bridal Clutch

Every bride dreams of achieving an unforgettable wedding day look that speaks to her personal style. From finding the perfect gown to pairing it with the ideal accessories, wedding styling is an art. The Bella Rosa Bridal Styling Team has curated an exquisite edit, linking our beloved wedding dresses from Anne Barge with the perfect Bella Rosa bridal clutches. Experience the exquisite harmony of sophisticated design and luxury detail with these pairings.

Anne Barge, coveted worldwide, designs dresses that blend timeless elegance with modern details. These dresses are created for the contemporary bride - the woman with luxury taste and a desire for exquisite bridal fashion. An Anne Barge dress is your first step on the journey to create a bridal look that is uniquely yours, and a Bella Rosa bridal clutch is the perfect accompaniment to complete the ensemble.

Eight Perfect Pairings of Anne Barge Wedding Dresses and Bella Rosa Bridal Clutches

Each of the following dress-clutch pairings paints a different style, taste, and personality story. Explore these pairings to find a combination that captivates the essence of your style:

Classic Serenity: The Inman paired with True Love Clutch

Discover the allure of Anne Barge's Inman, an exquisite wedding gown that exudes timeless radiance. With a corset bodice adorned with a tulle overlay, this dress stuns with gathered tiers of tulle and silk organza flowing into a dramatic train at the back.

The ensemble pairs harmoniously with the Bella Rosa "True Love Clutch." This pairing is an ode to the classic romance, perfect for the bride who appreciates tradition yet brings her modern sophistication to the tableau. The True Love Clutch is an elegant touch, eloquently embodying the same timeless spirit as the Inman.

Anne Barge Wedding Dress Innman with Bella Rosa True Love Clutch

Charming Elegance: The Wessex paired with Rosa Clutch in Ivory

Dive into a world of elegance with The Wessex, a drop waist pleated ballgown crafted to captivate. This dress, featuring a skirt of mikado scuba and a fitted corset bodice, flawlessly combines modern design with timeless tradition. Its standout element, the striking Alencon lace with scalloping along the neckline, adds a touch of refined sophistication.

Pair The Wessex with the Rosa Clutch in Ivory to complete this look. This bridal clutch from Bella Rosa is a nod to grace and charm, blending seamlessly with the style of The Wessex. Its understated color complements the silk white of the dress without overshadowing its design. The Rosa Clutch in Ivory will help you carry your essentials in style while adding the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. This dress clutch combo is the ideal choice for the bride who seeks uncompromising elegance.

Anne Barge Wedding Dress Wessex and Rosa Clutch

Royal Grace: The Kent paired with Bella Fiori Clutch

Experience regal splendor with The Kent, an intricately designed trumpet gown by Anne Barge. This gown resonates with unparalleled grace, featuring a plunging V-neck and a fitted cummerbund that enhances your silhouette. Silk faille, known for its substantial texture and subtle sheen, adds to its luxurious appeal. The Kent gown is nothing short of a masterpiece, with each button meticulously leading to the hem.

The Bella Fiori Clutch from Bella Rosa matches the regality of The Kent. Crafted with extensive attention to detail, this ivory satin clutch complements the charm of The Kent perfectly. The clutch's floral design echoes the luxurious subtlety of the dress, resulting in a pair equivalent to bridal opulence in its finest form.

This pairing offers an unbeatable combination of sophistication, style, and grace - making it a perfect ensemble for the discerning bride who desires a touch of regal charm on her big day.

Anne Barge Wedding Dress Kent with Bella Fiori Bridal Clutch

Floral Elegance: The Serena paired with Bella Clutch in Ivory

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of The Serena, an exceptional creation by Anne Barge. This high-low strapless A-line gown symbolizes poetic elegance, crafted with a fine silk faille that enhances its luxurious appeal. Further adding to its majesty is the floating floral embroidery, iconic to The Serena, adding a unique twist to the traditional white bridal gowns.

Complementing the embroidered detail of The Serena is the Bella Clutch in Ivory from Bella Rosa. This elegant ivory satin bridal clutch introduces a delicate charm to the ensemble. The Bella Clutch offers utility and impressive style, ensuring you carry your essentials seamlessly on your special day.

The Serena and Bella Clutch in Ivory presents an exquisite pairing for brides seeking a balance between modern fashion and timeless elegance. This duo is a testament to the phrase 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.'

Anne Barge Serena Dress with Bella Clutch in Ivory

Sophisticated Brilliance: The Harmony paired with Golden Bella Clutch

Revel in the refined elegance of The Harmony, a classic creation by Anne Barge. Fabricated with a microfiber blend known as mikado scuba, The Harmony is a strapless A-line gown showcasing a distinctive arched pleated cuff at the neckline. This exquisite gown has a rear zip fastening and not to forget, the detachable bow that is sold separately adds an elegant touch to your bridal look.

Pair this dress with the Golden Bella Clutch from Bella Rosa to bring a touch of glamour. Handcrafted by Italian artisans, this gold-plated bridal clutch instantly elevates your ensemble with an air of royal brilliance. Its classic design harmonizes wonderfully with The Harmony's clean lines and pleats.

The Harmony gown and Golden Bella Clutch combination is perfect for brides who want to shine with sophistication and grace on their big day. The pairing speaks of an understated elegance adorned with golden opulence.

Anne Barge Harmony Wedding Dress with Golden Bella Clutch

Elegant Classic: Majestic paired with the Hayden

Radiate timeless elegance with The Majestic, an enchanting off-the-shoulder dress from Anne Barge, paired with the classy Hayden Satin Pouch from Bella Rosa. The Majestic's intricate 3D organza floral appliques and draped cummerbund harmonize with the sleek design and functionality of the Hayden Zipper Pouch Clutch. Decorated with a polished gold zippered top and a handy card pocket, this ivory satin clutch complements the dress's graceful charm perfectly. This pair seamlessly combines sophisticated tradition and modern utility, crafting a bridal ensemble that's a tribute to classic elegance.

Anne Barge Wedding Dress Majestic with Bella Rosa Hayden Clutch


Metropolitan Sophistication: The Manhattan paired with Milan X MICAELA in Gold

Captivate the crowd with the sleek allure and modern aesthetic of The Manhattan, Anne Barge's subtly features a long-sleeve stretch crepe gown. Detailed with a remarkably elegant draped cowl at the back, The Manhattan is the perfect blend of simplicity and extravagance.

The Manhattan's sophisticated style is beautifully complemented with the Milan in Gold clutch from Bella Rosa. This luxurious gold metallic clutch, compact yet spacious, combines a modern silhouette and a radiant finish. Specially handcrafted from the finest materials, Milan in Gold adds a royal flair to your ensemble while flawlessly maintaining its functionality.

The Manhattan and Milan in Gold pairing create an aura of metropolitan sophistication, aptly designed for the fashion-forward, contemporary bride. The blend of the minimalistic design of the gown with the shimmering gold clutch is bound to transform your special day into a celebratory gala full of elegance and style.

Anne Barge Wedding Dress Manhattan with Gold Milan X MICAELA Clutch

One of a Kind: The Habersham paired with a Made for Me Clutch

Charm everyone with The Habersham, a unique strapless column gown from Anne Barge. Crafted with illusion tulle, this dress features pastel accented 3D floral appliques that make the gown stand out. The Habersham Overskirt, a separate tulle piece with a velvet waistband featuring a double-loop bow at center wonderfully complements the dress itself. With its unique appeal, The Habersham is a perfect choice for brides who value a blend of tradition and modernity.

To harmonize with the unique characteristics of The Habersham, the 'Made for Me' Clutch from Bella Rosa completes the look. This clutch, specially crafted for your big day, mirrors the exclusivity of the dress. This bespoke service lets you customize every detail to match your taste. Choose from a range of materials, finishes, and details to create a clutch that's as unique as you are.

The Habersham and 'Made for Me' Clutch pairing is a perfect ode to a bride's individuality. This combination guarantees a balance between striking style and personal meaning, making for a bridal ensemble that is as singular as it is elegant.

Anne Barge Wedding Dress Habersham with custom embroidery bridal clutch.

Top 5 Reasons Your Anne Barge Wedding Dress Needs a Bella Rosa Bridal Clutch

Selecting a bridal clutch that complements your Anne Barge wedding dress is not merely an aesthetic choice - it's a harmonious blend of artistry, quality, and luxury. Here's why a Bella Rosa Clutch is the best choice for luxe brides:

  1. Customization options: Bella Rosa goes beyond off-the-shelf products, offering nearly unlimited personalization to align with your bridal vision.

  2. Handmade Italian Craftsmanship: Each Bella Rosa Clutch is handcrafted by Italian artisans, guaranteeing high-quality and unique designs.

  3. Superior Style and Design: Bella Rosa clutches are designed with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail to create an unmatched aesthetic richness.

  4. Complements Your Anne Barge Wedding Dress: Customized to harmoniously pair with your Anne Barge wedding dress, ensuring a striking, complete look.

  5. A Keepsake of Luxury and Elegance: Bella Rosa clutches not only add beauty to your wedding but become a cherished memento of your special day.

Ultimately, your bridal vision comes alive when you walk down the aisle, a perfect blend of an Anne Barge dress and a Bella Rosa clutch in hand. Brides can now experience this blend in person during their wedding dress appointments at the Anne Barge Atelier, available in Atlanta and New York. A firsthand experience allows you to feel the quality and craftsmanship and ensures that you can pair your dress with the perfect accessories. Your wedding day look is not just about the dress but the entire ensemble that tells your unique story.

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