Design your own handbag with The Bella Rosa Collection

Design your own handbag with The Bella Rosa Collection

The Bella Rosa Collection is the first and only designer handbag brand that gives brides total control over every single detail of their bag. With the Made for Me experience, you can choose from a wide range of colors, fabrics, styles, and finishes, creating your very own one-of-a-kind designer handbag.

Custom Couture Design

With the 'Made for Me' custom purse design, you get to craft a bespoke luxury bag. Every stitch is completely tailored to your specifications: You can choose everything from the material of the purse and its hardware, all the way down to individual embroidery designs and engraving options.

Select your handbag silhouette

The Bella Rosa Collection features eight different handbag silhouettes to meet your needs. From the ultra-modern Mia and Milan clutches to the vintage style Rosa Clutch—there's a bag for every woman and every occasion.

Choose your luxe material and color

From fine Italian duchess satin to exotic solid woods, make your handbag one of a kind with our wide variety of colors and materials. For the bride that would like to match her hues perfectly, Bella Rosa can help source—and even dye—the right material for your color-coordinated ensemble.

For Bridle clutches, arranged in a pattern to show the tops of the bags.

Embellish your purse with your style

Personalizing your purse with crystal rhinestones, hand-beading patterns or custom embroidery designs is an excellent way to make it unique. Many of the bag silhouettes can be further personalized by adding these embellishments.

Custom handbag with white floral embroidery and pink butterflies and hummingbirds against a pink backdrop, styled with flowers, shoes, and a bridal ring

Photo credit: Rebecca Yale Photography

Custom designer handbag in red satin with custom red beating against a red dress and red shoes.

Photo Credit: Greg Finck - Meyha & Matt

Woman in a white dress, holding a white rose a clutch in satin with custom embroidery, monogram for destinations wedding in Italy.

Select your hardware metal

Customize your handbags' hardware color and clasp. From silver to gold, and even rose gold, you'll find a selection of hardware finishes that will complement your purse.

A box of hardware samples for handbag design.


Three designer clutches stacked on top of each other, showing their side, top view with the clasp and hardware visible.

Engrave your bag with a custom sentiment

An engraving is an ultimate keepsake, and it will make your bag truly unique. Engravings can be used to commemorate a special occasion or event, such as a wedding, graduation, or birthday. You can also personalize your handbag by adding a monogram or initial, which is an elegant way of showing off your name in style.

A set of seven metal engraving plaques with various engraving messages.

Personalized designer purse in pink satin open with a custom engraving plaque in silver sewn into the inside of the clutch.

The Ultimate Luxury Fashion Accessory with Designer Quality

For many fashionistas, the ultimate accessory is a custom handbag. It's the final touch to an outfit and denotes individuality and expression of personal style. The Bella Rosa Collection allows brides and modern women to design a purse that's as individual and distinctive as they are – one of a kind, and with the luxury quality materials you expect. Handmade in Italy by our expert artisans, your bespoke handbag will be meticulously crafted to meet the highest quality standards.

In an Italian artisan inspects handbag parts in the process of building, a designer handbag for the Bella Rosa collection

Simple & Fun - Design Your Own Handbag Online

Maria Caruso Martin, founder & creative director, collaborates directly with clients to design your personalized purse online. Our clients have the ability to customize their handbag and Maria’s expert eye ensures that every detail is perfect.

Fashion sketching of woman with custom designer bag with embroidery

Complimentary Swatch Samples

For those who appreciates thoughtful coordination, we offer free swatch samples so that you can coordinate your custom handbag with the rest of your outfit seamlessly. If you need a custom color, our design team is ready to source your perfect color. 

Three swatches of duchess satin against a white background

Customize your own purse or bridal handbag today!

Bella Rosa handbags are designed to be the perfect accessory for any occasion, from a casual weekend brunch with friends to your dream wedding day. Our handbags are crafted from the finest materials available, and each bag is carefully constructed by hand using traditional Italian artisan techniques. The Bella Rosa Collection offers a wide variety of styles, fabrics, and colors so that brides can create a purse that's truly unique. Design your own custom purse today with our Made for Me experience.

And Micaela Erlanger holds a custom handbag by the Bella Rosa collection, walking down a patio with a pool and hotel in the background

Photo: Christian Oth Studio


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